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Kyuhyun → Break Down for kyuipsul

Kyuhyun → Break Down for kyuipsul

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Apr 29th (7:06pm)

9 favorite candids of - Daniel Radcliffe  (asked by manoflists, lumosthesky)

May 4th (10:03pm)


Characters through the yearsDraco Malfoy

May 4th (9:49pm)


I care too much. I’m a liability.

May 4th (9:46pm)
Seja radical e quebre as regras. Se sua mãe te mandar ir dormir às 21:00 vá dormir às 21:05.


May 4th (9:44pm)

flawless human beings
michael c. hall.

May 4th (9:40pm)

May 4th (9:34pm)

Feb 4th (9:21am)